BizHandshake a services brand of Nexgen Corporate Services Private Limited ( NCSPL ), headquartered in New Delhi, India offer high levels of expertise in designing, developing and delivering effective business solutions to our clients suited to their specific needs across wide spectrum of industries. We help our clients to turn their business idea into reality and achieve their business vision right from start up to scaling up and being global. Since its inception, NCSPL, has established a reputation for itself as a quality service provider. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total client satisfaction for the services assigned to us.


The increasingly complex business environment is leading to an even More.. complex decision-making process. Bizhandshake (service brand of NCSPL) empowers our client to concentrate on their business leaving their complex activities to be managed by our experts. We create value in Enterprise and thus enhancing value for its stakeholders.

Spectrum of services by BizHandshake:

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

SME Finance Centre

Compliance Management

Startup Handholding